Jordi Bayllina

TechLead, Co-founder PolygonID & Polygon Hermez Senior Solidity, JS and C++ Developer Zero-knowledge expert and open source Community valued Contributor Currently building the first complete zkEVM at Polygon   One of the ecosystem’s strongest Ethereum developers and a highly regarded contributor within the Ethereum community. Technical Lead at Polygon Hermez zkRollup; currently working on the […]

Tekla Iashagashvili

Tekla is a Business Development Manager at ApeX Protocol. She is a Cambridge University graduate with degrees in business and sociology and more than five years of experience in business development, financial analytics, management and research.

Nicolas Bacca

Nicolas spent a decade creating innovative hardware based security solutions and finally co-founded BTChip to develop an open standard secure element based hardware wallet which eventually became the first version of the Ledger wallet. Nicolas is now leading the Innovation Lab at Ledger, prototyping new use cases and features to onboard the next billion users.

Yoav Weiss

Hacker & Security Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. Working on Ethereum, OpenGSN, and other decentralized infrastructure projects.  Currently focused on account abstraction and ERC-4337. Been hacking for <an undisclosed number of> decades and built a couple of widely used security technologies.

Alex Gluchowski

Alex is a software architect with over 15 years of experience in engineering and startups. Currently, he is a co-founder at Matter Labs, an R&D company on a mission to solve blockchain scalability challenge with zero-knowledge proofs. Alex is deeply passionate about individual freedom, self-ownership and decentralization.

Alessandro Chiesa

Alessandro is a co-founder at StarkWare. Alessandro is a faculty member in Computer Science at EPFL and UC Berkeley. His research spans the areas of complexity theory, cryptography, and security, and focuses on the theoretical foundations and practical implementations of cryptographic proofs that are short and easy to verify. He is a co-author of several […]

Tomasz Stańczak

Since founding Nethermind in 2017, Tomasz has worked as a Protocol Engineer in Ethereum ecosystem projects (L1 and L2). His work revolves around client building (Nethermind), DeFi (Oiler), MEV (flashbots), infrastructure and staking (Twinstake), and onchain security (Forta Foundation). Tomasz is a board member of StarkNet Foundation.

Patrick McCorry

Patrick McCorry is a researcher at Infura. He has spent most of his adult life happily immersed in the crypto space, a scope of work that covers academic and deep level industry experience. Over the years, he has worked on transaction delivery, layer-2 protocols, atomic swaps, consensus protocols and applied cryptography. Prior to Infura, he […]

Motty Lavie

Motty Lavie is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Braavos, a smart contract based wallet creating a secure and frictionless crypto experience. Motty is a seasoned entrepreneur and prior to Braavos he founded two companies in the classic web2 space and earned his B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics at the Technion Israel Institute […]

Larry Cermak

Larry is VP of Research at The Block and is responsible for a 30-person research team delivering insights about cryptocurrency to institutional clients. Previously, he worked at Diar, the first research publication in crypto.