TechLead, Co-founder PolygonID & Polygon Hermez

Senior Solidity, JS and C++ Developer

Zero-knowledge expert and open source Community valued Contributor

Currently building the first complete zkEVM at Polygon


One of the ecosystem’s strongest Ethereum developers and a highly regarded contributor within

the Ethereum community. Technical Lead at Polygon Hermez zkRollup; currently working on the

implementation of the first complete zkEVM proving system.


An early adopter of Web3 technologies, Jordi Co-founded and became an active member of the

White Hat Group, which played a major role in rescuing funds from TheDAO and Parity Multisig


Open Source Web3 Contributor:

– Creator of CIRCOM, a circuit compiler and tools that enable the creation and testing of

zero-knowledge proofs for circuits.

– Creator of PIL (Polynomial Identity Language) a tool and language used as a compiler for


– Additionally, Jordi contributed to furthering the concept of Liquid Democracy for DAOs with the

development of the LiquidPledging Smart Contract, Solidity Elliptic Curve Library, the MiniMe

token Contract and multiple advancements in Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs)

– Auditor, Jordi became one of the most respected Smart Contract Auditors in Ethereum,

most notably leading teams to audit the MakerDAO Stable Coin system and Aragon project.


Finally, Jordi has Co-founded a series of Web3 startups in the space, starting with, the

first donation tracking platform on Ethereum, DAppNode, Iden3 and Polygon Hermez.